Evidence-based Multidisciplinary Spine Care

  • Spine Surgery

    Spine Surgery

    Spinal conditions treated: Spine disc injuries and degeneration Disc herniation, disc prolapse or slipped disc, bulging disc & degenerative disc disease Spine trauma Spine deformity such as spondylolithesis and scoliosis Spine tumours such as metastasis and primary tumours Spinal canal stenosis…

  • Neurosurgery


    Brain & peripheral nerve conditions treated: Brain trauma Brain tumours Aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations Malformations such as Chiari Hydrocephalus Pituitary tumours Peripheral nerve conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome Pain including spinal stimulators, occipital neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia   Procedures performed: Craniotomy…

  • Spine Physiotherapy

    Spine Physiotherapy

    What is Spinal Physiotherapy? Spinal physiotherapy is a sub-specialty discipline of musculoskeletal physiotherapy and uses any available physical intervention such as manual therapy, specific or general exercise (to name a few) to provide clinically justified, evidence-based and sustainable solutions for…

  • Occupational Medicine

    Occupational Medicine

    Injury Management – physical / psychological / chemical Injection therapy in management of musculoskeletal injuries Occupational Rehabilitation Worksite Assessment OH&S and Environmental Health Consultancy Preplacement Medical Assessment Periodic Medical Assessment Statutory Medical Assessment such as spraypainter medical, asbestos medical, pesticide…

  • General Spinal Assessment

    General Spinal Assessment

    The general spinal assessment is provided by the spinal medicine doctor (GP with specialization and extensive experience in spine). The aim of the assessment is to provide a better understanding of your condition and your treatment options. The spine doctor will look at the…