A/Prof. James van Gelder

MBBS, MD, FRACS, M. Med. Stats, Conjoint Associate Professor University NSW

Prof. James van Gelder is a Consultant Neurosurgeron & Spine Surgeon. He is an expert in minimally invasive (keyhole access) procedures. He is the director of Neurosurgery at Concord Repatriation Hospital and a senior consultant at Liverpool Hospital.
A/Prof. J. van Gelder



Prof. James van Gelder is a Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon. He is an expert in minimally invasive (keyhole access) procedures. He is the director of Neurosurgery at Concord Repatriation Hospital and at Sydney Adventist Hospital. He is a Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of NSW and a faculty member and teaching staff at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.  His current academic interests are in Evidence Based Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology and Biomedical Engineering.

Prof. van Gelder is an approved medical specialist and trained assessor of permanent impairment registered with WorkCover NSW.



  • Urgent Appointments & Emergencies
  • Assessments, Management and Reassurance
  • Multi-disciplinary Care (if required)
  • WorkCover & MVA

Brain & Spinal Surgery

  • Minimally Invasive & Complex Spine Surgery
  • AMA fees
  • NO GAP surgery for pensioners & disadvantaged *(offered at specific hospitals, for routine spinal procedures only)

Spinal Conditions treated

  • Sciatica, radiculopathy, neck & back pain
  • Spinal disc injury (e.g. disc bulge & herniation), spinal degeneration, nerve compression
  • Cervical & lumbar spinal stenosis, myelopathy
  • Spinal deformity (e.g. spondylolithesis and degenerative scoliosis)
  • Spinal tumours, infections, trauma (spinal fractures) and other emergencies

Brain conditions treated

  • Brain tumours, pituitary tumours
  • Brain injury, trauma, skull reconstruction
  • Cranio-cerebral injuries, intracranial haemorrhage
  • Aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Peripheral nerve conditions & carpal tunnel








  • Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), The University of Melbourne 1984
  • Doctorate of Medicine (MD) awarded by The University of Melbourne 1996
  • Graduate Diploma of Clinical Epidemiology, The University of Newcastle 1995
  • Master of Medical Statistics, The University of Newcastle 1997
  • Faculty Member and Teaching Staff, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons from 2000
  • Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons since 1997
  • Fellowship training Wayne State University USA 1998-1999
  • Conjoint Associate Professor, University of NSW



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