Biomedical Engineering Innovations

Biomedical Engineering Innovations

A series of innovation projects were presented from senior students from the Department of Biomedical Engineering (University of Sydney) on Wednesday 10 December at the last Sydney Spine Institute Meeting for 2014.

The projects were co-supervised by Dr Philip Boughton (A/Lecturer & Program Manager, Biomedical Engineering, University of Sydney)  and A/Prof. James van Gelder (Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon).

Here is a list of projects presented:

  • A Neurosurgical aid (Biomed design team)
  • Patient specific implant templating (David/Jeremy)
  • A novel anatomic fusion cage & biomaterial solution (Alex)
  • A Non-invasive ICP monitoring system (Brendan/Corinne/Cary)
  • A novel volume-controlled shunt system (Amanda)
  • A Frozen Shoulder treatment (Mouna) co-supervised by Mr Tamer Saber (Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)